Home Decor Trends in 2020

Jun 1, 2020

Your home is the backdrop to your life, where you can relax, make memories, create family history and traditions, and express your style. Here are a few popular home design trends in 2020.

Modern farmhouse
Modern farmhouse design is still holding strong in 2020, combining a lightly country aesthetic with modern touches. Popular elements include distressed wood, wide planked floors, vintage finds, farmhouse sinks, and a whitewashed palette, which has been expanding in 2020 to include creamy pastels in grays, greens, blues, and earth tones.

Minimalist design principles are all about clean lines, uncluttered design, and monochromatic colors and tones. These touches work together to emphasize a spacious and simply energy in the home. Achieve this style by paying attention to the structure of your home: the walls, ceilings, floors, and layout, as the main design elements, and then a minimal amount of intentionally-chosen decor further fills in personality.

“Going green” in home design is a current trend that extends beyond using green cleaning products. Increasingly, environmental-friendliness in home design includes using sustainable materials, investing in energy efficiency from the home’s bones to its decor, being conscientious of where materials are sourced from, investing in high-quality systems and appliances that last a long time (rather than those that are cheaply designed and then end up in the landfill in a few years), considering air quality regarding filters or the fumes that paint emits, and more.

Smart technology
It used to be a luxury to utilize smart technology to manage security, heating and cooling, entertainment and sound systems, and the like, but it’s becoming more mainstream, mainly because of how it helps homeowners run their homes with ease. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common for homes to be designed with smart technology installations already integrated.

Mixing mediums in home decor has always been fun, but lately metals are having a renaissance. Furniture pieces like tables, chairs, and bookcases in brass, copper, polished steel, or chrome, for example, are increasingly gaining popularity, especially when paired with updated color palettes.

2020 colors include shades of blues and greens, like Pantone’s color of the year, Classic Blue. Paint can creatively inject energy into a room, as well as convey personality. Check out this slideshow on HGTV about popular colors this year.

Very few things inspire serenity like nature, and it’s becoming popular to include elements of nature into home design. From houseplants, palettes of green, botanical imagery, natural light, plant-inspired wall coverings, indoor-outdoor spaces, and furnishings with materials like wicker, rattan, natural wood, and stone, the trend towards natural beauty has taken root.

Marie Kondo influence
There’s no denying the impact that tidying expert Marie Kondo has had in the world of personal space, home, and organization. Not only have many people cleared out the clutter in their homes (leaving only things that “spark joy”), they’re also changing their shopping habits somewhat, being more thoughtful about purchases and how the items will fit into their home.

Bespoke style
Having decor custom-made is a big trend these days; from customizable sofas, sideboards, and entertainment centers, custom pieces are becoming increasingly accessible, as homeowners respond favorably to the idea of creating something that suits their tastes and space perfectly. Gives new meaning to the phrase” have it your way,” huh?

The kitchen island has become more mainstream in recent years, and now it’s increasing to two islands. It’s not just a show of gluttony; they tend to serve different functions as one features seating, and the other is for working and cooking.

Carriage houses
Also known as in-law suites, backyard cottages, and even “granny pods,” these small dwelling units create opportunities for rental income or multi-generational living.

Bold rooms
Another trend is designating one room that you go wild with, such as the laundry room or powder room. In these smaller areas, allow yourself to experiment with energizing colors, bold wallpaper patterns, and quirky design details in smaller, more private spaces.

Designating space
Whether a formal bar, a coffee station, or anything in between, devoting drawers and space to one source of pleasure is getting more popular. It’s the perfect way to display your stuff.

Pet areas
From rabbit hutches to dog patios and wash stations, outdoor kitty climbing gyms, and even goat playhouses, dedicated spaces for pets are trending.

In light of the global pandemic, many people are spending more time in their homes than ever before, so additional trends include an increased emphasis on functionality and multipurpose spaces, in response to the home also becoming your office, gym, and classroom. As factors continue to change our relationship with our spaces, people are finding new ways to invest in them.

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